Get Real

Natalie Grosvenor is a personal trainer and life coach. Her style is very down to earth, tell it how it is, and her clients totally respect her for that reason. Her brand, Get Real, required a strong look that extended from stationery, flyers and pull-up banners through to website, blog and e-Newsletters.

The logo for Get Real uses an organic custom script that is friendly and approachable. The green circle ties into the tagline of being simple, everyday, wellness. The organic colour palette of lime green and brown encompasses Natalie’s beliefs on nutrition and natural living. The website has been designed to be an extension of her. Each page has been carefully built to ensure it is a true reflection of who she is and what she believes in.

Natalie has achieved tremendous success from her brand and one that she has truely embraced and is proud to represent. The cohesive design through everything she provides is a testament to the professionalism that she offers her clients.

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