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Dragons Abreast Australia

Graphic design

Dragons Abreast Australia is a national organisation comprised of breast cancer survivors (and some very special supporters) of various ages from a great variety of backgrounds, athletic abilities and interests.

Dragons Abreast members provide a “face” for the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of breast cancer awareness through participation in the wonderful and strenuous sport of dragon boat racing.

Creating a consistent brand

With many clubs under the Dragons Abreast Australia brand, it was imperative the brand had a system that everyone could use. Myck was assigned to provide a brand style guide of the current brand, while also building a number of collateral and templates that each club could adopt as their own.

During our time together, Dragons Abreast Australia gained traction with their email newsletter. Clubs gained access to a brochure which they could add their logo to. Many other flyer templates were designed for clubs to host fundraising events for Dragons Abreast Australia.

Let’s work together