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Integrated Psychedelics

Logo and graphic design

A different perspective

Integrated Psychedelics is a harm reduction, risk-reducing counselling approach of processing and assimilating thoughts and feelings associated with psychedelic or entheogenic medicine journeys.

Psychedelic Therapy allows us to see ourselves from another angle. Where what we see can actually be something else entirely

Individual letters, custom-built to flip and transform themselves.

The custom wordmark has a strong psychedelic feel. The underscores before and after provide balance to the wordmark and are indicators of time pre-therapy and post-therapy

The journey of the icon

Our integrated letters are taken on a journey that spins them around. The resulting abstract shape is open to interpretation. Is it a flower, a butterfly or four hearts connecting in a circle?

INCREDIBLE. I have yet to meet a person who sees the logo or touches the business card and doesn’t comment about both. No matter who I show it to the usual response is “wow this is amazing and unique.” It’s amazing the power of a professional logo, it really sets me apart.

Matthew Xavier Brennan
Integrated Psychedelics

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