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Marc Daniels Professional

Logo and packaging design

Marc Daniels Professional offers complete and comprehensive salon-professional haircare regime, offering consumers the opportunity to resolve individual hair & scalp problems that ordinarily are often difficult to overcome at home.

With an aim towards developing one of the most highly sought after haircare ranges., Marc Daniels Professional required a complete rebrand that positioned them as one of the most highly sought after haircare ranges.

Designed to appeal

The new packaging was built entirely from scratch. Products were renamed and new editions added to the range. The unique colour for each product, along with the ascending angle from shampoo to conditioner, creates visual shelf appeal over the entire range.

Branded bottles

The bottles themselves were custom designed to be unique to the Marc Daniels Professional brand. The flat angled panel makes the information easy to read, while the inverse coloured bottles for shampoo and conditioner, make them easy to decipher in the shower.

New design. New markets.

The new attention-grabbing packaging has allowed Marc Daniels Professional to break into the American market with The Lush Luminous Blonde performing incredibly well.

Myck was a delight to work with. His attention to detail and ability to interpret what we wanted was brilliant. He fully understood the brief and intricacies involved.

Leo Nipperess
Marc Daniels Professional, Brisbane

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